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Wenatchee River Trip Options and Prices

The Wenatchee River is considered one of the top ten whitewater rafting day trips in the country. It is enjoyed by beginners and veterans alike. For more information about our offerings, see our Wenatchee River Rafting page.

Standard Trips

For groups of 8-15, you get 7.5% off the total. For groups of 16 or more, you get 10% off the total! This discount only applies to group reservations made on a single card. Sales tax and guide gratuity not included in prices.

Guests in Group: 1-7 8-15 16+ Youth
Wenatchee River Trip $98 5% off 10% off $88
Wenatchee River Express (Half Day) $84 5% off 10% off $74
Methow / Wenatchee Overnighter (2 Days) $245 5% off 10% off $225
White Water & Wine Tours  $159    5% off  10% off  N/A

Private Rafts

Want to have just your group and your guide in your raft? You can book all the seats on the raft for a private boat. You can have 2-8 people (plus your guide) in your raft. Sales tax and guide gratuity not included in prices.

  Per Raft (2-8 people)
Wenatchee Day Trip - Private Raft $744.80
Wenatchee River Express Trip - Private Raft $638.40
Methow / Wenatchee Overnighter - Private Raft $1800

Online Booking Now Available!

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