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Tieton River Rafting Trip Driving Directions

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The meeting place for our Tieton River trips is on Forest Service land, West of the town of Rimrock Retreat, WA. For current road information, call the Washington State Department of Transportation at 1-800-695-ROAD (7623).

Blue Sky Outfitters Tieton Site
Located off of Hwy 12, between mile markers 167 and 168.

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From Hwy 12, turn south onto the eastern end of Tieton Road, which is located approximately 1 mile east of Rimrock Dam, between mile markers 167 and 168 - you will immediately cross a bridge over the river (note: there is a 2nd entrance to Tieton Road on the western side of Rimrock Lake - BE SURE TO TAKE THE EASTERN ENTRANCE NOT THE WESTERN ENTRANCE).

Go about one quarter mile and watch for a dirt & gravel road (NF-580) to your right. Turn right on the gravel & dirt road. Follow this road west for approximately one mile. You will see the large Blue Sky Outfitters van on your right and/or signs to park - this is our meeting point.

Tieton driving directions


In addition to the directions on this page, we strongly suggest using either a Washington State Highway Map or this Google map.

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