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Leavenworth, Washington

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Washington's Own Bavarian Village!

Leavenworth Town

Nestled in the fair weather and apple orchards of the Wenatchee River valley, the peaks of Leavenworth's Bavarian-style roofs cascade before the peaks of the distant Wedge Mountain and Tumwater ridge. But this classic German town was not always so. In the early 1960s, the people of Leavenworth faced the destitution of an obsolete railroad and a washed-out logging industry. Most of the families and shopkeepers that made up the vitality of the village moved away.

Whitewater River Rafting Leavenworth WASo Leavenworth rallied its remaining citizens and recreated itself as the Jewel of the Washington Alps, with quaint storefronts, elegantly painted signs, and merry festivals celebrating their adopted heritage. Theaters, fine dining, wine, and a welcoming atmosphere are the hallmarks of this lovely village in the cradle of the Wenatchee River valley. Comfortable lodging and plenty of camping in the area make it the perfect compliment to a day of rafting the Wenatchee River with Blue Sky Outfitters, the best whitewater rafting Leavenworth has to offer!

Leavenworth Rated #1 by Family Fun Magazine!

Family Fun Magazine

"Family Fun, the leading family magazine and source on family travel, has named Leavenworth, Washington top tourist town in the Northwest. The Editors of Family Fun asked 2,500 of their readers to rate the very best places to visit in their regions for the ... Family-Friendly Travel Awards. When our northwestern readers are looking for a quick change of scenery, they know exactly what to do. Head for the Alpine town of Leavenworth, where Washington State recedes and travelers find themselves in the heart of ... Bavaria."

- Press release from Family Fun Magazine

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