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Leavenworth Area Activities

While you’re in the area for river rafting, here are some other recommendations for things to do in the Wenatchee River and Leavenworth areas to make your getaway complete...

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Horseback Riding

Wenatchee River Rafting with Blue Sky OutfittersRiver Rafting

Blue Sky Outfitters (of course!) - The Wenatchee River boasts some of the best river rafting in the state and the Methow River is just an hour and a half away. Both rivers are great for individuals, family fun, as well as corporate team building groups and are enjoyed by beginners and veterans alike.


Safety Tips

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a first-timer, whether you're delicate and dainty or strong and strapping, whether you're taking a quick frolic or an extended expedition, here are several essential items and preparations to always keep in mind while hiking:

 Before you embark on any hiking adventure, plan it first. Make sure you know: where you're going; what to expect; and when you plan to start and finish the trail. Leave an itinerary behind with someone. Also, never go hiking alone.

 Learn the local rules and regulations for parking, camping, and building fires.

 Respect the wilderness and wildlife. LEAVE NO TRACE.

 Remember to bring the essential gear which is appropriate for your hiking trip, including but not limited to: an area map; a compass; seasonal clothing; food and extra water; a flashlight; waterproof matches or fire starter; a first aid kit; a whistle; a pocket knife; sunscreen; and/or insect repellent.

 Additional Resources: For maps of Wenatchee National Forest or more specific regions, contact the Outdoor Recreation Information Center at the downtown Seattle REI. For park passes, visit Northwest Forest Pass and Alpine Lakes Wilderness Permit. Be sure you need the pass or permit before you buy it. For any other questions or for more information, contact the Leavenworth Ranger Station.

Top 10 Local Hiking Trails

The EnchantmentsRecommended:
The Enchantments

Length: 16.8 miles
Go west 1 mile on Hwy 2 from the Leavenworth ranger station. Turn left on Icicle Road. Go 5 miles up Icicle Road. The Snow Creek trailhead is on the left.
The Enchantments are rumored to be the most beautiful alpine wilderness area in the state of Washington. Nothing quite compares to it! Granite boulders chisel switchbacks into a burn area blooming with clusters of wildflowers. The hiking trail climbs amongst flame scarred pines until it meets a rushing mountain stream, camouflaged by ferns and fallen trees. For day-trips this is a great place to rest and turn back, but further up you'll find the real treasures! A series of high lake basins interrupt craggy peaks and subalpine firs. Wildlife floods the area, with numerous marmot and eagle sightings throughout the year. A few of the lakes sit on the edge of huge glaciers that can be heard popping and cracking in the warm summer months.
Note: Northwest Forest Pass is required to park at the trailhead
Note: Alpine Lakes Wilderness Permit is required to camp in the Enchantments

Cashmere: Devil's Gulch / Mission Ridge Trail
Length: 17.8 miles round-trip
Go east on Hwy 2 to Cashmere. Turn right on Aplets Way / Division Street. Follow Division Street and merge right onto Pioneer Avenue. Turn left on Mission Creek Road. Turn right at the T-intersection with Binder Road. Follow Mission Creek Road for about 6 miles. Merge right onto NF-7100 (dirt road). Follow NF-7100 for about 3 miles. The trailhead is on the right.
The Devil's Gulch Trails boast exciting climbs and falls in the wilderness south of Cashmere. Ponderosa pines and Douglas firs shade a few creek crossings, but at times the hiking trail gives way to hot and dusty sun-exposed sections. Be sure to bring ample sunscreen and water. The Devil's Gulch Trail is most popular among mountain bikers, but it makes a great hike as well.
Note: Northwest Forest Pass is required to park at the trailhead

Peshastin PinnaclesCashmere: Peshastin Pinnacles
Length: 1.5 miles
Go west on Hwy 2 from Cashmere. Turn right on North Dryden Road. The park is on the right.
Since the 1960s, the Peshastin Pinnacles have been renowned as one of the very first rock climbing sites in North American history. The arid rock slabs and spires offer climbing from easy to very difficult, often requiring extensive climbing equipment. A wide range of animals have been spotted around the pinnacles, including elk, bobcats, and bald eagles. The park trails also provide one-of-a-kind views of the local pear and apple orchards, the Enchantments, and the Wenatchee River valley. From the river, Blue Sky guides know the pinnacles as the "salmon rocks", because of their strong resemblance to salmon swimming upstream.

Tumwater Canyon: Old Pipeline Bed
Length: 3 miles
Go west 1.7 miles on Hwy 2 at the Leavenworth public fishing and picnicking area. At the powerhouse, cross the bridge and hike upstream.
The trailhead starts where an old pipeline used to supply water for turbine generators, which in turn powered trains through the Cascade tunnel. The hiking trail ends where fallen rocks block the old pipeline tunnel. The round-trip trail offers scenic views of the Wenatchee River as well as chances to play at a couple small, sandy beaches.

Leavenworth: Blackbird Island
Length: Varies
Go west on Hwy 2 from the Leavenworth ranger station. Turn left at 9th street (traffic light). Turn left at the end of 9th street. Park at the end of the unpaved road.
This route is conveniently located in the heart of Leavenworth. The trailhead has directional signs for the different trails, and all paths offer opportunities to get a better look at the plants and wildlife of the Wenatchee River. In addition to a wide range of waterfowl, eagles and osprey have often been spotted amongst the groves of cottonwoods. Blackbird Island and Leavenworth Waterfront Park can be seen from the river on Blue Sky's full-day whitewater trips.

Leavenworth: Ski Hill Loop
Length: 2-mile loop; 5-mile loop
Go west on Hwy 2 from the Leavenworth ranger station. Turn right on Ski Hill Drive. Go 2 miles to the top of the hill (parking is available there). The trailhead is behind the fence, to the right of the shed.
These trails are used by cross-country skiers in the winter, but in the summer are frequented by both hikers and mountain bikers. The views from the hillside gaze at the Leavenworth valley and surrounding areas.

Icicle Creek: Icicle Ridge
Length: 24 miles one-way
Go west 1 mile on Hwy 2 from the Leavenworth ranger station. Turn left on Icicle Road. Go about 1.5 miles up Icicle Road. The trailhead is on the right.
Since this trail is relatively steep, it is not recommended for novice hikers or those with medical conditions. However, the trail offers unique views of the Icicle and Leavenworth valleys. It also goes through past forest burn areas.
Note: Northwest Forest Pass is required to park at the trailhead

Icicle Creek: Fourth of July Trail
Go west 1 mile on Hwy 2 from the Leavenworth ranger station. Turn left on Icicle road. Go 9.5 miles up Icicle road to the trailhead.
Since this trail is relatively steep, it is not recommended for novice hikers or those with medical conditions. The southern views from the trail offer gorgeous pine-lined panoramics of the upper Icicles and Enchantments in the first couple miles. It culminates at the former Icicle Ridge Lookout at 7,029 feet, and later connects with the Icicle Ridge trail. Be careful of the occasional rattlesnake on the Fourth of July Trail.
Note: Northwest Forest Pass is required to park at the trailhead

Icicle Creek: Icicle Creek Interpretive Trail
Length: 1-mile loop
Go west 1 mile on Hwy 2 from the Leavenworth ranger station. Turn left on Icicle Road. Go 2 miles up Icicle road to the Leavenworth Fish Hatchery, where the trailhead begins.
This trail delves into the environment, wildlife and history of Icicle Creek and the Leavenworth Fish Hatchery. Personal trail guides are available by request from the hatchery.

Chiwaukum: Chiwaukum Creek Trail
Length: 24 miles
Go west about 11 miles on Hwy 2 from the Leavenworth ranger station (about to mile marker 89). Turn left on Chiwaukum Creek Road. At the intersection, keep right. The trailhead is at the end of the road.
The appeal of this trail is its relatively low hiking traffic. The Chiwaukum Creek Trail follows a valley for 6 miles before splitting into the South Fork Trail and North Fork Trail, which themselves split again. The South Fork eventually links up with the Icicle Ridge Trail and is the less popular of the two. The North Fork crosses Glacier Creek, rises to meet the pine-cloaked Chiwaukum Lake, and also passes the highlight of the trail, Larch Lake (12.2 miles from the trailhead). Stunning ridges and subalpine firs accent the mountain views.
Note: Northwest Forest Pass is required to park at the trailhead


Red Tail Canyon FarmRed Tail Canyon Farm
11780 Freund Cyn Rd.
Leavenworth, Washington
Red-Tail Canyon Farm invites you to travel back to the bygone days when the horse was still the center of all activities on the farm and down-home hospitality was enjoyed by everyone who stopped by. Choose from Sleigh Rides in the Winter, Hay Rides in the Summer, or a night or two at their beautiful lodge.

Eagle Creek Ranch
Eagle Creek RanchLeavenworth, Washington
We invite you to discover this historic, four season horse ranch, nestled in the Cascade Mountains just eight miles Northeast of the Bavarian village of Leavenworth. Family owned and operated, surrounded by the Wenatchee National Forest, we aim to enhance your experience of Central Washington's great outdoors. Guided horseback tours offer unique access to the rugged alpine terrain and breathtaking views, or enjoy this scenic valley from the comfort of our horse drawn sleighs or wagons.


Recommended: Desert Canyon Golf Resort
The #1 Golf Course in Washington!
18 holes
1201 Desert Canyon Boulevard
Orondo, Washington
Phone: 800-258-4173

Enzian Falls Championship Putting Course
18 holes
590 Highway 2
Leavenworth, Washington
Phone: 509-548-5269

Golf BallLeavenworth Golf Club
18 holes
9101 Icicle Rd
Leavenworth, Washington
Phone: 509-548-7267

Kahler Glen Golf and Ski Resort
18 holes
20700 Clubhouse Dr
Leavenworth, Washington
Phone: 800-440-2994

The Highlander Golf Club
18 holes
2920 8th Street SE
East Wenatchee, Washington
Phone: 509-884-4653

Sightseeing and Tours

Ohme GardensOhme Gardens
3327 Ohme Road
Wenatchee, Washington
Phone:(509) 662-5785
Nationally Acclaimed as one of Washington's top attractions

“The grounds are quiet, restful, and not dependent on formal floral displays… Breathtaking views of the Columbia River Valley below can be seen through cedar and fir trees, now more than 70 years old… It is a photographer’s paradise.”
- Northwest Travel Magazine

Aplets & Cotlets FactoryAplets & Cotlets Factory Tour
Cashmere, Washington
The hallmark candies of Cashmere, even the town streets are named after them! Come see how these unique treats are made and buy a box or two to take home.

Leavenworth Summer Theatre
Leavenworth, Washington
Phone: 509-548-2000
Watch performances of The Sound of Music (almost perfect with Leavenworth's Bavarian backdrop), Singin' in the Rain, and Pirates of Penzance all throughout the summer, as well as A Christmas Carol in December.

Family Fun

Icicle JunctionIcicle Junction Activities Center
Leavenworth, Washington
Phone: 509-548-2400
The family fun side of the Icicle Village Resort, here you'll find 18-hole miniature golf, arcade and board games, and a big screen TV for sports games. Enjoy a snack or beverage at the Connections Café. There's fun for everyone at the Activities Center.

Smallwood's Harvest
Smallwood's Harvest
Peshastin, Washington
Phone: 509-548-4196
The farm at Smallwood’s Harvest offers activities and attractions for young and old, great fun for the whole family. Tour the Petting Farm or try your luck in the corn maze, explore the petting farm, check out some antiques, try some local wines, enjoy the local fruits and veggies, and more.

Leavenworth & Wenatchee River Valley Vineyards

Okanogan Estate and Vineyards

Tasting Room in Leavenworth, Washington

Phone: 509-548-9883

Wine tasting every day from 10 to 6 in Leavenworth. A hidden treasure in the Okanogan's premier grape region, Okanogan Estate & Vineyards is the first winery in this fruitful valley to open in the United States. 

Dutch John's Wines Private Reserve

Cashmere, Washington

Phone: 509-782-3845

This family-owned Cashmere, Washington Winery is dedicated to the passion of winemaking - crafting fine wines that rival the best in the world. They combine the highest quality grapes with expert wine making to bring you a quality beyond compare. 

Icicle Ridge Winery
Leavenworth, Washington
Phone: 509-548-7019
Daily Wine Tasting 11 to 5 at their cozy tasting room off Front Street in Leavenworth, including some of the finest wines that Leavenworth has to offer. Try their award-winning Three Blondes white Gewurztraminer, their delicious Romanze red blend, or their unbelievable Reserve Merlot. Also visit the tasting room at their winery in Peshastin, overlooking the Wenatchee River.

Berghof Keller Winery
Leavenworth, Washington
Phone: 509-548-5605
In the spirit of their Bavarian home, the winemakers at Berghof Keller specialize in German grapes and German-style wines, including Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir), Blaufrankisch (Lemberger), Riesling, and Siegerrebe. This winery is essential for experiencing the true Leavenworth.

Cascadia Winery
10090 Main Street
Peshastin, Washington
Phone: 509-548-7900
This relatively new vineyard has already made a mark on the Washington wine scene with its Riesling, and its Apple wine affords a new experience of our state's signature fruit.

GrapesEagle Creek Winery and Cottage
Leavenworth, Washington
Phone: (509) 548-5401
Eagle Creek Winery is a family owned and operated winery since 2000. Come and taste handcrafted wines at the winery, enjoy a stay at our cottage or visit us in downtown Leavenworth at our new tasting room, d'Vinery.

Bella Terrazza Vineyards
Wenatchee, Washington
Phone: (509) 662-9141
Our estate vineyard is rooted in ideal vineyard soils on a south-facing terrace perched above the pristine waters of the Wenatchee River in the Sleepy Hollow area. All of our premium estate wines (including our award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon and signature Bella Rosso) are made in our artisan winery from estate-grown grapes raised and trained in our estate vineyards all on this property.

Scott Family Winery
Mattawa, Washington
Phone: 509-699-8771
Snag a bottle of this exciting local wine and head out for some adventure. The owners have been known to reward pictures featuring their products in extreme locales. Just remember there's no tippling on the river!

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